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Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 2: Blogging -Thing 3

Thing 3: The blog and avatar
Blog, smog what in the World Wide Net is a blog? A blog is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer”. 

If that doesn’t register, take a look at this- Blogs in Plain English:

Your first step into the Web 2.0 world is to create your very own blog to use during the next nine weeks of discovery.  It will be important to record your thoughts, reactions and findings as you push through the technology.  You may even come up with some classroom applications along the way…

Let’s get busy!  3 Steps to a new bloggin’ you:
  1. Create an account.  We will be using www.blogger.com .  There are other free blog host sites, if you choose to use one you are already familiar with that is fine too (I would check to see if you can access it through the school web filter first).  You can sign in to Blogger by using a Gmail account or you can create a Google Account using an email address you already have.  (I strongly suggest creating a Gmail account so you can keep your work/personal emails separate from the course, but you can choose either way).  We will be using some Google applications along the way and the Gmail account may come in handy.
  2. Name your blog.  Create a unique blog name for your URL.  Choose something that you will be able to remember though!  Write your URL down as soon as you clear availability on your Log In Cheat Sheet.  The URL will look like http://read-a-blog.blogspot.com.  Blogger’s URL format is HTTP://NAME.BLOGSPOT.COM -Please note there is no "www" in the blog address.  I would also immediately bookmark your site by clicking on the star on the left hand corner labeled "favorites" in your Internet Explorer web browser and then click the plus sign to add your blog URL.
  3. Select a template.  This is the fun part!  Being creative.  What Web 2.0 is all about... Template and color schemes are as easy as click and click, but the more tech savvy you get, the more you will be about playing around.  Remember this is a learning and discovery journey.  Depending on how familiar you are with Web 2.0, some of you will get this right away and some will have to go to the tutorials to get help.  THE MORE YOU PUT INTO IT THE MORE YOU WILL LEARN AND IT WILL STICK!
If this is all too much, watch this video tutorial I created to help you set up the blog.  Baby steps people!!! CALL ME, EMAIL ME…I will help you get through the smog, or I mean blog :)

Tech-tivity 3: Get er' done!
1. Set up your blog.
2. Play around with posting.
3.Please format your posts in this way: Week # Thing # or  Thing # Reflection
Title: WEEK 2 Exercise Thing 3 or Thing 3 Reflection and then post your thoughts, discoveries and classroom applications in the comment box.  You can be honest in your posts…were you frustrated, surprised, amazed, confused, overjoyed?…etc.  Remember I will be the only one reading your blog, unless you want to share your URL with the group.
    4.  Create an avatar-a virtual you. Go to: http://www.doppelme.com/?rid=DM240964FBL and create a username and password record your info on your Log in Cheat Sheet. Create an avatar to represent you for your blog profile.
5. Post your avatar to your blog as Week 2  Thing 3 and note any reflections for yourself.  Make another post on the Technology Junkie Blog below talk about Blogger and your avatar discoveries.  Don't forget to collaborate with others.   You can also post questions here as well.  We are all in this together.

Q: How do I put my avatar on my blog??
After you create and save your avatar...go to "Your Home" on dopple.me
Click on Quick Code.
Copy the HTML Code from your avatar.

[Embedding tips:  In order to put your avatar on your post you will have to cut and paste the html code.  Don't be scared, it is not hard!!  It is used often in the Web 2.0 world so learn it now...  Remember I just said cut and paste!  When you complete your avatar you will have a dashboard menu and you need to click on the link "Quick Code".  After you click on the link you will have two options: normal or cropped.  The text in the box under the avatars are html codes (which is just fancy internet talk).  Right click on the text and click "select all".  If the words are highlighted right click again over your highlighted text and select "copy".  Then, go to your blog and click on "New Post" and click on the tab "Edit html".   Right click and paste the code into the blog post and then click "Compose". Publish your post and you are good to go.  Don't forget to title your post Week 2 Thing 3.]
Still need help? Watch this on embedding html code.  I will talk ya through it.

Other avatar creators to play with http://avatars.yahoo.com/ , www.meez.com , www.simpsonsmovie.com, www.myavatareditor.com.   To learn more about avatars click on my Delicious links to the right.

Need help from the Technology Junkie? 
 No worries! 


rmoncelsi said...

This avatar was too much fun! Its a fun way to play and try out different outfits, looks, hair styles and other things not as easily changed in reality. I wish they had a cute dog though- yes its cute..

Nancy Keck said...

Fun making the avatar. This is a new one to me so thanks! I'm sure there will be lots more new stuff too!

Princess Teacher :) said...

It took me a couple times to make it and embed it on my blog, but I did it. Very fun and creative.

Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting process.

christine said...

This was something I have NEVER done before. Very fun process. I am the type of learner that learns best when someone shows me..lets me do it while they are still beside me...then I practice it. Reading the instructions, figuring out what to save, cut, paste, delete etc. is really raising the bar on my learning. :)

Meredith Gilbert said...

This was fun! My class piloted a new Math Program this year where they got to create and add to their own avatar after reaching math fluency goals. I see why they loved it!

Anonymous said...

This was something I had never done and would never do. Interesting experience. It will be interesting to hear what people I know say about the digital me.

J. Whittley said...

Creating the avatar was enjoyable. I had some difficulty deciphering how to post it to my blog, but Ms. McGinn's answer to another participants question walked me through the process.

K. Michelle said...

My blog is http://magnificentmediamoments.blogspot.com/

For week 2 thing 3. So far so good, but the Voki thing isn't working.

Love 2 Read said...

This was fun.
Why does the T-shirt show up as a midriff bearing shirt?
There are some very interesting features, for free even!
I will probably be obsessing over possible changes and upgrades!

Katy said...

Had fun creating the avatar. Posting it to the blog, however, gave me some difficulties. Perhaps because I was at school? I'll try to do it now, from home.

stageforlearning said...

The possibilities are endless! Had a lot of fun creating my avatar. Now I want more clothes to play with. Students enjoy creating avatars in games and sharing with friends, now they can create an avatar that their friends will recognize and post their work!!

Señora Sarasua said...

The avatar creation was fun and not difficult!

Love 4 You 2 Read said...

Here's my blog url: http://love4you2read.blogspot.com/

MrsLapnow said...

I loved making an avatar :) I can't wait to "play" on the other websites suggested. It was like making a "mii" for the wii, that is the best part of video games, if you ask me.

Debra said...

I enjoyed making the avatar so much that I looked on the web for other avatar creating programs to post on my blog. As for blogging I never thought I would be interested but I love it. I'm planning on using the one we created to share all the great Web 2.0 tools with my teachers.

mkj said...

The avatar is fun and easy. I have also worked with avatars on Xtranormal.

The Blogger is also very easy. How do you see it functioning with EdModo? Would you suggest using only one with students?

Ms. McGinn said...

Xtranormal is great! Blogger would be a great host for a classroom blog where you can post information and share with everyone. Edmodo requires usernames and passwords Blogger does not.

Michelle Deibler said...

Avatars are so much fun. I like to use ones in the classroom that I can type what I want the avatar to say. The kids think it's great! I used an alien to give facts while teaching space concepts.

Blogger is so much fun. I already use it, but not in my classroom.