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Weekly Outline

Thing 1:  Read the about page to find out about this program.
Thing 2:  Discover Web 2.0 and what it means for the education world-post a comment to the Technology Junkie Blog.
            -Extra Credit
Thing 3:  Set up a blog on Blogger and make your first blog post of an avatar labeled Week 2 Thing 3.
Thing 4:  Register your blog using the online form on the Junkie Blog.

Week 3: Photos & Images

Thing 5Explore Mixbook and Smilebox as image creative tools.  
A. Create a two page Mixbook and embed the book into your blog
B.  Browse the gallery of projects from other educators and embed a book into your blog-label Week 3 Thing 5.  
Finally, after exploring smilebox post a comment on the Junkie Blog on how these tools can be used with our students.

Thing 6:  Toondoo.com and comics in the classroom.  Create a two pannel comic reflection on how you think students learn today and post on your blog labeled Week 3 Thing 6. 

-Extra Credit: Comment on Junkie Blog about comics in the classroom.
Thing 7:  Edit photos with picnik.  Upload a photo from computer or borrow one from picnik to edit.  Finally, upload and post your pic to your blog labeled Week 3 Thing 7 with a brief reflection.

Week 4: Podcasting and Collaboration

Optional: Create a classroom email for tech tools.

Thing 8: Visit Voki for Education, register and create a Voki that shares an idea for classroom application of this tool.  Embed the Voki as a blog post in your blog labeled Week 4 Thing 8.

Thing 9: Go to Blabberize, register, upload and create a blabber.  Embed your blabber to your blog as a post labeled Week 4 Thing 9.  Finally, post a comment on the Junkie Blog about how you could use this simple podcasting tool.

Thing 10: Explore Voicethread and post a 2-3 sentence reflection on the Junkie Blog about this type of collaboration. 

Week 5: Play Week- Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Searches

Thing 11:  Explore Google Docs.  Visit our Shared Junkie Doc and leave a comment.

Thing 12:  
A. Look at Google Reader, sign in with your Google Account and add a subscription.  Post a comment on the Junkie Blog about how you could use this tool.
B. Perform an Advanced Google Search and play with the features.  Post a reflection to your blog about how you could use these features in your classroom labeled Week 5 Thing 12.

Extra Credit: Explore Google Custom Search and post a comment about it.

Extra Credit: Take a look at LibraryThing and catalog a few of your own books.   Post any comments on the Junkie Blog about this tool.

Extra Credit: Google+ this is the latest from Google.  Try it out and leave a comment on the blog.  Email me if you did not get an invite.

Fun Tip:  Tinyurl.com 

Week 6 : Collaboration

Thing 13: Go to Wallwisher (register if you like), make a wall and embed your practice wall into your blog labeled Week 6 Thing 13.  Then add a sticky to the wall on the Junkie Blog. 

Thing 14:  Edmodo in the classroom and as a PLN.  Sign up/sign in to edmodo and join the Tech Junkie Group-post a reply and read through the posts.  Then, post a reflection on the Junkie blog discussing these tools in the classroom.
Week 7:  Wikis, Websites and Words

Thing 16: Learn about wikis and discover some innovative ways teachers are using them.  Explore hooked-on-books and join to add a post to the July discussion question on the home page.  Then post a comment on the Junkie Blog under thing 16 about how you could use a wiki in your classroom and include a notable wiki link or your very own.

Thing 17:  Discover the wonderful tool Weebly and your future classroom website.  Create a website using the weebly link provided with two pages: Home and Blog.  Submit your website URL using the Google form provided and share a comment about Weebly if you like on the Junkie Blog under thing 17.

Extra Credit: NEW RELEASE Google Docs now allows you to share folders!

Thing 18:  Wordle and Tagxedo as an assessment and collaboration tool.  Create a wordle or tagxedo using the format described in Thing 18 and then post to your blog labeled week 7 thing 18.  Make any comments about these tools on the Junkie Blog under thing 18.
Week 8: Digital Storytelling

Extra Extra: Blog all about it!

Thing 19:  Go to Bubblesnap and create an account.  Upload a picture and create a digital snap.  Embed your snap to your blog labeled Week 8 Thing 19 and include any reflections.  You can also post a comment on the Junkie Blog about this tool or even post yours to edmodo. 

Extra Credit: Dropbox- amazing file sharing tool you gotta have!

Thing 20: Explore animoto and use for any classroom!  Sign up, create a slideshow and embed to your blog labeled Week 8 Thing 20.  Post a reflection on the Junkie Blog under thing 20.

Thing 21:  Explore other digital storytelling tools such as Storybird and GoAnimate.  Make a post on your blog labeled Week 8 Thing 21 and note how you could use digital storytelling in your classroom.  Also note a few links to sites you could use.
Thing 22: Explore Glogster as a webquest and a presentation tool.  Go to edu.glogster.com and sign up for an account.  Then, make a Glog using the specifications from the tech-tivity.  Post to your blog labeled Week 9 Thing 22.  Finally, go to edmodo and send the Glog to the Tech Junkie Group.  Feel free to comment on other Glogs on edmodo. (You will find previous Glog posts if you click to see more at the bottom of the group page on edmodo.
Thing 23:  Explore Prezi the presentation on steroids and Sliderocket a cloud presentation tool.  Then post your final summary on the Junkie Blog under Thing 23.  What were your favorites?
Congrats! You are now a Tech Junkie!
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