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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Extra Credit: Google+

Sent you all an invite to Google+  It is all the rage right now.  Please note it is still in beta which means it is still developing.  If you get a chance play around with it and leave any comments here.  Do some research, watch the videos, put me in your circle cassmcginn@gmail.com.  Love to hear comments.

If you did not get an invite but would like one please email me.


Late Comer said...

: AASL Learning Standards – saved as pdf file in My Documents - We are working with students to create successful life-long learners in a global society where technology is running exponentially. One skill that “jumped out at me” was 2.4.1: Determine how to act on information: accept, reject, or modify. One of the most difficult skills I teach is how to determine if a site is valid. Kids used to think that everything on the net was true, but they are becoming much more savvy. Teaching them to not only look for reputable sources but also to examine the information for their intended purpose is foremost in research.

K. Michelle said...

I have played around on Google+ for a little while (thanks for the invite!) and I have to say it looks promising for replacing Facebook for me. The jury is still out, however!

Wright's Rippers said...

Got an invite and I think I like it. I like the circles and will have to play more so I can find out how to work those groups. Like K. Michelle it might replace facebook for me. :)Jeanne