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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thing 22: Glogster and the webquest

This tool is really versatile.  It is a virtual poster maker called Glogster.  It is capable of doing a multitude of  things including posting video, sound, images and links.  Glogster EDU is specifically for educators and it is FREE!  You can set up an account and create student accounts which are completely monitored under your username.  Students posters will be collected under your name and you can even collaborate amongst each other by using the blog feature in Glogster.

I have been using Glogster for over 3 years now and LOVE IT!  It opens up creative choices for students who are not into the poster making web 1.0 method.

Tech-tivity Week 9 Thing 22:
*Please note:  the district web filter blocks www.glogster.com so you must go to the educational site instead.  It has safer content anyway...many people use Glogster for personal reasons at glogster.com.

1.  Go to www.edu.glogster.com and create an account.
2.  Create your very own Glog.
It must have 3 text boxes which list ways you could use Glogster in the classroom.
It must have one Graphic.
It must have one video from School Tube.
It should have a title.

3. Post it to your blog labeled Week 9 Thing 22.  Now go to Edmodo and send it to the Technology Junkies.  We all want to know how you would use this tool!

Yep, that's right.  You can even post them to Edmodo!!

[Edmodo directions:  Simple click on the LINK in the post box and paste the embed code < > into the link field. Type in Technology Junkies and select SEND]

Here is a tutorial if you need help.

So what is a webquest?

So you probably know from looking at my wiki that I use a glog as my wiki homepage. You could also easily create a inquiry webquest using a glog. It is hard for students to sort through the internet and know what information is valid. Primary students searching through a Google result list? May be a little tricky. Eliminate the search time and create a Glog that acts as a webquest. Link images for primary students or have them follow the linked text to come up with solution.

For example:

This is a very simple webquest I created for a second/third grade teacher who wanted to save time by taking them where she wanted them to go to gather information on Greek Trivia.


Time4Sail said...

I love the sample of using a simple Glog Webquest for information on Greek Trivia. It is very difficult to find age appropriate information on the web about ancient civilization especially the nude olympians :) Great idea to keep the research on safe sites. Thanks!

Cool Beans said...

The glog you created is perfect for my 3rd grade team! Thank you so much for sharing, they are going to love it.

I have to laugh when I think back to when I first learned about web quests...boy have they improved over the years. I've always enjoyed using them. Now, I can create them easily too.

Anonymous said...

I can see many applications for Glogster. It’s like having a blank canvass and saying “ what should we paint today. One great thing is it’s interactive. So I see why you could use it as a webpage.

Wright's Rippers said...

The glogster took a little getting used to with the selecting and editing but really pretty easy. And I got it posted both places with little trouble.

Sue Shaw said...

I really see potential for glogster!

I am still not sure how to get things to embed in the right size, but I have tried to post the glog to my blog. Perhaps it is in the html code that happens. I will check on it with you later, when things calm down a bit!