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Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 3 Thing 7: Digital Pictures-Crop, Color and Creative Effects... Oh My!

Google really is the “bees knees” of web 2.0…is there anything you can’t do with Google and Google apps?  One the newest features of Google is a digital picture editor called Picnik.  Picnik is a simple photo editor with no registration requirements.  That’s right peeps, no username and password required!  Awww yea!
I briefly mentioned how Web 2.0 tools often “talk” with each other.  Picnik is compatible with Picasa, facebook, flickr, photobucket and myspace.   Picnik is a easy tool you and your students can use to make stunning presentations, digital storybooks, glogs, edmodo posts, mixbooks, and so much more.   Let’s explore how to edit photos before we move on to some more “things”, taking our digital images to the next level!
Even though the social networking tools like facebook and myspace are currently blocked by the web filter and are not used in our district, Picnik is great for these sites as well.  Try it today!
Tech-tivity Week 3 Thing 7
Let’s play with Picnik.  You don’t need to be an expert photographer, editor nor a software junkie.  I can tell you from experience-if you think Word or Excel is hard to master, try Adobe Studio products.  Adobe is definitely a product for the design pro, but with the beauty of Web 2.0 we have access to these tools for FREE and it is in a simplistic format.
  1.  Watch the tutorial here or go play yourself at http://www.picnik.com/
  2. Upload a photo of your own or use a demo photo and play around with the editing features on picnick.
  3. Now that you have played with photo editing, upload a photo you have edited with picnik to your blog and label it Week 3 Thing 7.   Need help?  Watch the uploading tutorial here. Briefly note any reflections in this blog post about digital photos.
There are many photo editing Web 2.0 tools besides picnick that can really do some amazing things.  Check them out in my del.ic.ious links tag photos.
Here is one of my favorites it is a design suite called http://www.avairy.com/ and this is what the image editor can do: AWE-SOME!
Avairy now offers student accounts!

There are demos for all of Aviary’s tools from music editors to screen captures it is all there and FREE baby!  Another really fun editor is www.flauntr.com .  Happy editing!


Sharon V said...

Digital photos offer the opportunity to take as many pictures as your media card/storage will allow. The beauty of digital photos is that it doesn't cost to take the photos. You can do a variety of things with the photos, still without spending any money. Creativity is the only limit someone would have when using digital photos.

Gizbe said...

I have always enjoyed playing with Photoshop but it has come so much farther in the past five years. This is a wonderful opportunity for students are creative but maybe not as artistic....and a computer program does not have to be purchased!

K. Michelle said...

I love Picnic! Kids could have so much fun adding their own creative spin to their digital photos that they take for their classes and projects.

Another great app for smart phones is Instagram--not quite as many features as the ones listed here, but a great one for pictures taken on the go.

Holly said...

Picnic was amazing. Given the opportunity, I can see students being excited about using it to enhance digital pictures. Students can take ordinary pictures and do all sorts of neat things to them to create more contrast and color among other things. This would be fun for kids!

Cool Beans said...

Playing with photos on picnik was extreme fun for the whole family! My sons enjoyed goofifying my picture until I resembled the hunchback of notre dame, but I refused to post it. I did threaten to goofify one of their pictures and post it to facebook the next time they forget to wash the dishes. I've never seen them move so fast! However, My favorite feature for the site was getting rid of wrinkles. I can't resist a one click face lift, so I'll be back!

Ms. McGinn said...

Aviary now offers student accounts! http://www.aviaryeducation.com/