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Sunday, March 27, 2011

You mean I have to create another username/password????!!!

A couple of general comments need to be said about these Web 2.0 tools, especially in regards to the registration monster…and our districts Acceptable Use Policy.
Many Web 2.0 tools require you to register with a username and a password.  An easy way to get around this feature, since we do not want to create student emails we can’t monitor (YET- anyway…), is to create a general technology/school email for all of your web tools.  You can have as many emails as you want with services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Why not use that feature to keep your VCS email and personal email junk free.  I know it is one more username/email to remember, but it will really help you manage.
By creating a general email you can use this to register all your Web 2.0 tools.  Not all tools, although education friendly, have made accommodations like student accounts (not requiring an email) or provide open access.  Many need those stats you are providing with registration to keep the free services available…
Here’s the idea: make a creative username for your classroom for all Web 2.0 tools you register for that DO NOT HAVE A STUDENT ACCOUNT feature  (i.e. mcginnocs).  Register with your general/technology email address you created and then make a easy password for your Web 2.0 account.  This will do two things:  allow students to have safe access without needing student’s email accounts and it will keep all your projects in one place under your class username.
You will see how this can work with the next few “Things”…


Late Comer said...

Is this an account to which our students wiill have access? For example, I create a gmail accout and give the username and password to students to use so that I can post assignments and they can post their homework, responses, etc?

Cool Beans said...

It sounds like a great idea. I'm willing to try if it will make my life any easier with all my passwords. Time will tell!