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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thing 13: Wallwisher- Message boards in the virtual classroom

This next thing will have your brain turning in circles!  That is, if you are not already just overwhelmed with excitement learning about ALL these cool tools.  It is called Wallwisher.  I have been using this feature for about four years now and the possibilities are endless.  It is a virtual post-it note wall you can embed in your blog, wiki, website, etc.  It allows viewers to leave a post it on the wall and collaborate with each other about a topic.  It even allows users to embed a video clip or link to share with the group on the wall.  It is a really neat way to host a question and answer forum or just a message of the day/week. 
Tech-titvity Week 6 Thing 13:
  1.  Go to http://www.wallwisher.com/ and explore how to create a wall.  You do not need to register, but if you do you can manage all your walls.
  2. Create a wall and embed into your blog labeled Week 6 Thing 13.  (This should take less than 3 minutes and is just practice.)
  3. Then, select "add a sticky" below and it will redirect you to my wall's page (in a separate window).  Then double click on the wall to respond to the Junkie Group with an idea of how we can use Wallwisher in the classroom.  Feel free to post links or video if you find one (optional).
  4. Next, exit the wall page and refresh the Junkie Blog and you will see your sticky note!  ENJOY!
HINT:  You can move the sticky's around on the wall... :)


Time4Sail said...

Wellwisher Wall is something I can see using. Can it be embedded on Edmondo? Love this idea! We use "Sticky notes" in my classroom all the time. So neat to use them on the computer!!!!

Ms. McGinn said...

Yes you can embed in edmodo. All these tools can be placed there.

christine said...

I've heard about Wallwisher but never used it in class. I will for sure be using this in my class this year. I might post a question of the week and invite students/parents to comment. The question could be educational/silly/personal.

Holly said...

Creating my wellwisher wall was super easy. I can definetly see myself applying this tool in the classroom this upcoming school year

celliott said...

This was so easy to make and I think it will be useful in many ways: great for brainstorming and getting students to collaborate. We do a lot of group work and I have already posted one on my edmodo site. I don't know why it won't come up correctly on my blog.

Late Comer said...

I really like this! What an easy way to post announcements and directions. I need to spend more time with it to see if you can embed blabberize and voci. his would be another great attention-getting product for students entering a classroom - see the wall and get started!

andrews3 said...

Wow! That was so easy and so much fun! I can see me using this in the media center and sharing with others. Students would enjoy responding to literature, book talks, etc. using this. Thank you Cassandra!