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Monday, April 4, 2011

Thing 12: Choices!!! Google Reader or Google Searches

For thing 12 you can choose which Google tool you would like to explore.  Google Reader-Choice A or Google Searches-Choice B.  No harm in playing with more than one, though.
Choice A-Google Reader and RSS feeds:
What is Google Reader?

How do I use it?

What is an RSS feed?
RSS or Really Simply Syndication allows you to receive instant updates to websites, blogs or other web sources.  Putting your favorite sites together in a reader like Google Reader allows you to manage and read only what you are interested in.  This is great for professional and personal reading interests.  As an web savvy educator you have probably noticed each educational web 2.0 tool we have explored has a educator blog posting new information about the tool.  You could subscribe to all of these and new posts will be organized in one place on your reader.  No need to travel to each URL.  Think of it as the news reader in Facebook.

*Make any website a RSS feed at http://www.feedity.com/

Tech-tivity A:
1.       Go to reader.google.com
2.    Log in with your Google Account information.
3.    Add a subscription to the Junkie Blog (http://technologyjunkiegroup.blogspot.com/) You can also go to Junkie’s Unite and use the URLs to subscribe to other Junkie's blogs.
4.    Post a comment on the Junkie Blog about Google Reader.
Choice B- Advanced Google Searches and Custom Searches
Watch this tutorial on how to use the Advanced Search feature of Google.

Tech-tivity B:
1.       Play around with the advanced features of Google.
2.    Try this: Search “Spiders” as a basic search.
3.    Now go to the advanced search and find reading level.
4.    Select “show only basic reading level”.
5.    Post a reflection on your blog labeled Week 5 Thing 12 about how you can use the advanced features in your classroom.

Extra credit:
Did you know you can make a custom search engine using Google?  Do you find it frustrating to see students using unreliable sources when reporting information?  Do you have specific websites you would like your students to use when searching?
Look no further, Google Custom Search is the answer! 
Watch this tutorial to see how you can use it in the classroom:

Post any comments about Custom Search here on the Junkie Blog.


Nancy Keck said...

I am thinking that Google Reader may be a way to get relevant updates from the American Library Association. Also thinking it might be good for keeping up with Robert Krampf's Happy Scientist website...

Anonymous said...

The google advanced search option is a great way to find resources for lessons. My favorite option is being able to select the format you want it in: power points for lesson presentations, JPEG for units or practice sheets, and more. Students in my class have also used this in the past to look up magazine articles and books when they where unable to find what they needed from local and regional libraries.

No matter what you do using the advanced option, you'll always save time!! Great!

Mrs. Ripperger said...

I can see using this as a way to share readings online that I might find interesting or thought provoking.

christine said...

Google Reader is a handy way to look at and keep up with what others are doing. It will save time not having to type in the urls.

stageforlearning said...

Google Reader is great for allowing me the ability to manage and read only what I am interested in. I can use this both personally and professionally. I no longer have to go from blog to blog to read updates as they will now come to me and I can share with others.

Sherri Callahan said...

After subscribing and following to some blogs I found interesting, I stumbled upon this cool website: http://www.classtools.net/fb/h​ome/page
it's called "FAKEBOOK" and kids can creat a fake facebook page of a character, artist, musician...it looks really fun! So keeping up with some of my interests through Google Reader has returned already!

celliott said...

Google Reader is a real time saver and so much easier than individually checking each site. I like the easy sharing.

Mrs. Jacobsen said...

Google Reader allows me to keep track of my favorite blogs and see what is new from any computer! Too often I had bookmarks on my home and school (now Google). Or I waited until an email was posted to my group. Now I can access quickly from anywhere. I will be busy adding subscriptions! But one note of concern- there is sooo much to keep up with- emails, groups, blogs that I wonder where I'll find the time when school starts up. I'm glad this course was offered over the summer because I enjoy thoroughly investigating each thing. Thanks

andrews3 said...

I really enjoyed adding subscriptions to Google Reader. Now I have MyRecipes.com, the Orlando Sentinel, Grilled Cheese Social and Discovery News as well as others added. I can see how this really saves time, but I have to agree with Mrs. Jacobsen - once school starts back, I hope I'll have time to refer to these again. I also played with Google Advanced search and found lots of lesson plan links for library media lessons.

Wright's Rippers said...

Love the google reader! Yippee a way to see it all and not have to worry about my bookmarking and going back to try and find it. I like the Goggle search. I have used it for image searches but played with the maps and videos. I like it and just need to get used to it, which will only happen if I keep playing with it.

Debra said...

I love Google's Reader. I've used the other apps in Google's but didn't know much about the Reader. It's wonderful to know I don't have to go to the sites separately anymore just enter them into the Reader to see all those updates in one place. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Tech activity A
I need all the organizational help I can get. Google Reader seems to be a very good tool for that. As I accumulate more on-line reading I’m sure it will become invaluable.

Anonymous said...

I love the custom search. It allows the teacher to provide some direction for students who might otherwise be overwhelmed by all of the results from their search. Good way to help students focus their research.

Mme Augat said...

I love Google Reader. I can share easy to read newspapers or broadcasts with my students of high level. Everything is current, and it keeps us aware of what's happening all over the world.

Jason said...

Google reader seems like it is really going to help save me time. I can just check this and see all the different things I'm following.

cathycity said...

Google Reader has become my pal! Through all the playing that I am doing for this class, I have found some sites that I will be able to use in my guidance teaching. Previous to this, I did several random searches and found very few usable items; and, I often forgot about them when I did find sites. With Google Reader, I don't have to do the initiating...the information can come to me. Because that is taken care of (and some of the busy work taken out of my hands), I'm more likely to read and find out new and helpful things. I really am enjoying the "ride" that this class has put me on. I used to try to use my computer as a resource, but because I lacked knowledge and direction, I became frustrated and gave up. No more!

Michelle Deibler said...

I love the fact that google reader helps me save time. I can see all the new updates from blogs I subscribe to. I actually started using it with craft blogs. I didn't have to go to each individual site to keep up with new posts.

Using the advanced search will be great for my class! We do science fair projects, and I don't allow my students to use any site that is not .edu or .org, so this will help!