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Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 5: Play Week- Google this and that…

I hope you are getting hungry for more!   Believe me, when I first starting exploring the tools on the web I could not stop exploring and trying new things.  Do not get discouraged if you do not get the tool the first time.  Feel free to ask questions and pose comments to the Junkie Group.
Take some time to play more with the tools introduced so far and in your spare time take a look at the web-opoloy known as Google and how it has changed the web with these simple features which can easily be used in your classroom/personal life on a daily basis.
Let’s explore Google Docs, Google Reader, and Google Searches.
Google really is out of control- you need to explore what Google can do for you! 

 Really, it's amazing!


Time4Sail said...

I feel pretty comfortable with Google activities. It the ONE THING I have seen before. This did remind me how to use the advance search to look for technology grants specific to my needs. Thanks!

Late Comer said...

The returned articles save the user so much time in keying in key words and terms in search engines. A great time saving device – and, it marks the articles you have already read. Delete the ones you don’t need, and keep the good while having newer articles delivered automatically. This is a good way to gain information on topics used on a regular basis as well as specific research. (I wonder if some articles may be overlooked if they are not tagged in Google.) I can’t wait to see what it comes up for middle school media centers.

Anonymous said...

Google apps is so neat. Last year I made a few quizzes and put them on my wiki.
It worked well when I did a Christopher Columbus Web Quest, and then they took the quiz on line. The final reward was to play an online game called, “walk the plank “If they got answers correct they could make the teacher walk the plank. They students loved it. Google Apps helped me tremendously.