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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thing 14: Edmodo: Social networks for PLN's and in the classroom

Social networks are all the rage in the web world.  It is a way for instant communication and sharing in real time.  Not only are people using social networks for following family and friends, but a big development in business related groups and communities has changed the way professional development is delivered and received. 

In the educational world, PLN or Professional Learning Communities, have formed putting no limits on sharing ideas and learning new educational practices.
Watch this video on PLN’s (Note some of the PLN websites):

Tech-tivity Week 6 Thing 14:
Let’s get you into the Junkie Group's PLN!

Part A: Registration
Directions for teacher registration:

***UPDATE: Volusia County has a domain for edmodo.  You can access this at http://volusia.edmodo.com  In order to log in you have to have a school code.  If you would like your school code please email me.  OR If you would just like to move ahead you can log in using the method below.  You can also access volusia.edmodo.com by clicking on the app on myvolusiaschools.org ***
1)   Log on to the website at http://www.edmodo.com
2)   Sign in with your existing account or click on “I’m a teacher” and create a username and password (I suggest your VCS username).

3)   Once you have a username the first thing you need to do is “SPECIFY YOUR SCHOOL”.  Find out who is using edmodo from your school community.  Simply search your school name.

4)   Next, play around with the SETTINGS and select or upload an avatar (how about the one you created from dopp.le me) and manage your information.
5)   Now, you are ready to JOIN groups on the left side of your screen.  Enter the GROUP CODE of our Junkie Group edmodo PLN
(CODE: ql0z5r).
6)   Okay, reply to the post: “Welcome Learning Web 2.0 junkies! Please post a reply here about how you feel social networking can help you as a classroom teacher.”
7)   Finally, BROWSE the COMMUNITIES edmodo offers you will find PLNs on every subject.  I recommend: Brain Pop, Discovery EDU, Computer Technology, Volusia County Schools and your school.  (If you do not have your school listed as a community when your select your school, email me and I will send you your school’s GROUP CODE.)

Okay, now you have created an account and have made your first reply.  Continue to check back to the Technology Junkie edmodo group for continued collaboration.  Feel free to post ideas, share projects, links, documents for the library, etc.

If you are feeling savvy take this to the next level-  How does your school communicate?  How do you share ideas and best practices?  Do you have time to do so?  Try this, set up your own PLN for your team or for your whole school.  Click on CREATE to form your own PLN today!

Part B:  Social Networking in the classroom

Now you are ready to create a group for your classroom.  Simply click on create and you can create a group for your students (i.e. Ms. McGinn’s Marvelous Math Masters).

In order for students to register they will need a username, password and a group code.  NO EMAIL IS REQUIRED!
When accessing www.volusia.edmodo.com new students click on “I’m a student” and register.  I would recommend making a specific format for the username (i.e. ALPHA CODE) and a password easy to remember (i.e. orange).  Then all they need is your class GROUP CODE.  They will be automatically signed into your class and registered to your school.
You are able to monitor and delete posts.  This is why it is a safe environment.  You may want student to fill out a separate usage agreement.  You can find one shared with me in your edmodo LIBRARY (located at the top of your edmodo screen.)

Edmodo in the classroom can be used in many different ways.  You can post assignments, grade, share documents and virtually go paperless with this tool.
Classroom applications:  Use to host reading and responding; post student writing and allow creative editing collaboration; share projects created and allow for comments; post links; videos; mp3s; Glogs; assignments; polls. 

Possibilities are endless.

Download the app for the iPhone and now available in Android Market!

If you would like to have school training on using edmodo in the classroom, email me and I would love to come and show you how my teachers are using it.


celliott said...

I discovered this at the end of the school year and immediately set up a site for my students to use; they loved it. I opened with a poll for the level one students and they were excited to participate. My older students found this a great way to collaborate with each on a big project-much better than writing notes to each other on the board. It makes it easier for me to make sur that all classes have access to the same information (just in case I should forget to share pearls of wisdom with a group) They have continued to work on their project over the summer and use edmodo to ask for help.

stageforlearning said...

I used edmodo in my classroom this school year to share with my students and collaborate with other teachers from Project Tides. At the end of the school year, I was asked to become our school's edmodo leader. Earlier this summer, I created a VCS Third Grade Teacher Group to share resources. The possibilities are endless!!

Time4Sail said...

Baby Steps here... Signed up for Edmondo. I was experimenting with Edmondo when one of my fellow teachers asked if anyone was going to take the "Tech Junkie" course this summer... and the rest is history :) I can see a real need to collaborate. I love using the internet as a resource while sitting outside by the pool or in my bedroom in my pajamas! Being able to reach out to other educators to share ideas is so rewarding! Thanks Melissa for setting up the VCS Third Grade Teacher Group. I can't wait to share and take teaching best practices! :)

Ms. McGinn said...

I think it would be great to have a grade level/subject level edmodo group! Please share the VCS third grade code with me via email. My teachers will want to join for sure.

christine said...

I joined the 3rd grade edmodo group already! (Thanks Melissa) Can't wait to share and get ideas from other teachers that are going through what I am.
I used Edmodo this year in my class( thanks to Project Tides). In my class I have set up two groups. One is for educational purposes. On it I post surveys, kids embed their glogsters that they made, comment on books that they read, discuss the field trip that happened etc. The second group was set up for the kids to watch my new puppy grow up over the summer. I post pictures, glogsters, videos and commentary on Bear's growth.
My media specialist set up groups for both science and reading...kids in all grades discuss books that they have read or glogsters they have created on a specific science concept they are learning. It is a great way to share school wide!

Holly said...

I had never heard of edmodo until this summer. I am looking forward to joining and collaborating with teachers in the county. Currently, I'm having problems with my school code. It says its invalid

Late Comer said...

Wow! There are so many sites and programs out there!! I need a second computer to work on while working on the first computer just to keep up with different programs,notes, comments, and all else that is coming through these days. I think that I at the end of this course, I will try to focus on becoming proficient in 5 or 6 products, and Edmodo is one. I like the ease of use, especially collaborating with other professionals. I think our students will enjoy the "social networking" facet of it, and I can control the student posts. I'll spend more time with this product, especially since it is supported by VCS.

andrews3 said...

I had signed up for Edmodo in May and started playing with it then, searching & joining Communities for lesson ideas, etc. and attended the Technology Week workshop for Edmodo. Still feel I need to play some more to really feel more comfortable with it. I love the ideas that were presented at the workshop, where students plan & work together on Edmodo on a social studies project, with input and guidance from the teacher. Students could respond to literature activities & discussions, simple book talks, or science project collaboration. It's a great tool for any activity which requires students to work together.

mkj said...

I was introduced to Edmodo at our last Professional Development day this year. I did set up an account with classes. Then I mostly just read postings by others and adding items to my Library. Today, when I checked the Junkies link, I found the Used for Edmodo in the classroom. As a "singleton" teacher at my school, I loved the idea of a Tutor Connection. I have parents who would love to tutor, but they can't always come into the classroom and I don't always have time I can set aside for tutoring. This can be done online and at everyone's convenience. I connected with a French teacher in Canada And the Science Fair exhibition hall is a great idea. I could use this for our foreign language competition. We use wikispaces for teacher to view digital projects, but this would be a way for kids to collaborate and improve their projects before they are submitted.

Mary Jo said...

I signed up for Edmodo at the end of the school year. I joined groups and created a class. It's also where I learned about the web 2.0 class :) I'm looking forward to sharing with other first grade teachers in the first grade group. I've already been inspired by all the wonderful teachers out there in Edmodo land!

Mme Augat said...

I am also hoping to communicate more with the other French teachers in the county through Edmodo. There is already communication with people in other places, states, countries through it.

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited about edmoto. I am one of the teacher reps for our school.
I can't say I know the most about it, I'm still learning. I just signed up in May.
I learned a little more at the tech fair. I hope I will be able to help other teachers at school with their questions. I can see it will be a great tool to use with the students. So ... That's my next step learning about how to use it with the students.
Thanks, Marty

Wright's Rippers said...

I used Edmodo with my 1st graders last school year. we loved it! It was amazing to the parents they could change their profile pictures, take polls, and add photos. What a great way for class families to keep connected. I also joined groups at FETC. Great collaboration among teachers. I can see this being the future.

MrsLapnow said...

I can't wait to utilize this in my classroom. I have been waiting for a safe social networking school site for years. This is fabulous. I am definately a fan.