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Monday, April 4, 2011

Thing 11: Google tools for the Savvy Educator

Google has been involved in the education world since the beginning.  Many of you probably view Google a just a search engine, but it is so much more!
Let me introduce you to Google Docs:

That’s right! No flash drive needed! You can compose your writing in Google Docs and then access the same writing from home or on any computer that has Internet access. Better yet, you can create spreadsheets or even presentations and edit them in real-time!

Watch  Google Docs presentation for Educators here if embedded player above does not work.

Tech-tivity 11:
1. Go to my Google Doc and explore.
2. Leave a comment on my Junkie Doc.
3.  Follow the link to access the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RbNajBgp-PETzDXBJ9uN6IGMTDW-Cwkd4Yuh7m1BXN0/edit?hl=en&authkey=CISP4sQJ

When you go to the document- note some of the features: you can see who is online with you editing the document.  When you leave comments you are allowing for discussion on each individual post.  If you are the creator of the document you can monitor and resolve comments.

No student emails needed and guess what??!!! You already have a Google Account so you will be able to access all the Google tools your tech-savvy self desires at this very moment!!  Watch this tutorial on how to share a document with students without having to create student emails.

Google Docs Drawingtool : An instant Thinking Map creator and a way for collaboration within the maps.  CENTERS PEOPLE!   Post ideas...


Sue said...

Having access to documents is wonderful. We have this option with V-Portal now too but Google Doc is much better since it allows others to view and comment on the document!

celliott said...

I am very excited to put this tool into play and can't wait to share this with my students; I know it will make their lives easier-my students regualarly have problems accessing their work. This is great for our group projects, especially since computer access is harder at school; maybe some will actually work from home!